It’s difficult to not love sandwiches. They can be eaten as snack or a meal any time of the day. They can also be easily made, or assembled, with some bread, a couple of fillings and the right amount of sauces, and just by adding a pinch of culinary expertise and creativity, you can achieve a smorgasbord of flavor in just one bite.

However, creating the perfect sandwich can often be tricky business. Did you know that there is an entire Reddit thread dedicated to finding out what makes a good sandwich? Well, unsurprisingly, the most common answer is the bread. Regardless of whether you use the most expensive meats and the most delectable sauces, if the bread is not of good quality, the whole experience can be ruined. Whether you opt for sourdough, baguette or brioche, it is always the quality that matters.

So, here are three characteristics that lend sandwich breads their decadent quality:

1. Elasticity

It is very important for bread to have just that right amount of elasticity. It should be tough enough to hold the ingredients together and soft enough to allow you to bite through it easily. Another thing to consider here is that tough breads are great for wet fillings while soft breads complement dry fillings better.

2. Density

Are you familiar with the feeling of enthusiastically picking up a sandwich only to realize that the bread in the bottom has become a soggy mess? Do you know why that happens? The moisture of wet fillings like meat and condiments can easily seep through the bread if it does not have a good density. Similarly, you can end up with a dry sandwich that can be a swallowing nightmare if the density is too high, which means that it is not able to soak in the juices and oils. A good bread must be able to hold it shape and texture even while remaining slightly moist in the middle. (Anybody remember Ross’s ‘moistmaker’ from F.R.I.E.N.D.S?)

3. Freshness

The flavor of your sandwich is not just dependent on what goes into it but also on the freshness of the bread. Everyone is easily tempted by the enticing smell of fresh bread in the oven. Fresh sandwich bread can add a hint of sweetness to the filling, which adds to the overall flavor of the sandwich. You can easily identify stale bread from its bland taste.

It is true what they say. The bread can, literally, make or break a sandwich. If you are on the lookout for some lip-smacking grilled chicken or turkey sandwiches in Katy, Texas, you know where to come. We can assure you that we use the freshest and best-quality homemade bread that will leave you asking for more.