If you’re a Texan, you must have come across kolaches in most high end bakeries. For those who are yet to be introduced to this interesting dish, kolache is a sweetened yeast roll filled with a fruit, cream cheese, poppy seed filling, or all at the same time. There’s no defined or decided upon shape of the roll; it could be round or even square, with a space in the center for the filling. Kolaches were first introduced in Texan Czech communities and became popular in no time. People now prefer them for breakfast or even as an evening snack. However, if you’re trying a kolache for the first time, you must know what it tastes like and how you can be sure if it is a good one. It has more to do than just with the taste. Here’s how to be sure that you’re eating the perfect kolache in Katy, TX.

1. No aftertaste

There is no perfectly made kolache that has an aftertaste. It must not leave a flavor on your tongue long after you’re done eating it.

2. No blowouts

Unlike a cheese filled pizza or an overfilled sandwich, a kolache must not have its filling spilling out from the other side of where you take a bite. It should be completely closed to avoid any exploding of fillings.

3. Identifiable fillings

If you cannot identify the filling correctly of the kolache after tasting it, you must know it’s not THE kolache. The filling must be accurately done so that, let’s say, a blueberry filled kolache doesn’t taste like a buttermilk one.

4. No burnt surfaces

A kolache must not even remotely have a burnt surface. It should look properly baked without any black marks anywhere. That’s not overcooked, that’s burnt.

While these are tips to see whether or not you’re eating a perfectly baked kolache in Katy, TX, you must have an open mind when it comes to the flavors. Most of the best bakeries are experimenting with their kolaches, filling them with both Tex-Mex and Indian flavors with chipotle-spiced sauteed spinach and fried Cotija cheese. Then there is peanut butter and banana jam or cherry and sweet cheese. You might also come across barbecue pulled pork, onions, and sriracha. All in all, give these flavors a try and see if you like your kolache exotic.

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