Flavor and Filling

Item Description
Chocolate Mousse Cake
Chocolate sponge base with an extra creamy mousse
White Chocolate Mousse Cake
Soft gluten free or vanilla sponge base with fine white chocolate mousse
Napoleon Cake
Kingdom bakery’s most popular cake is layers of a signature Bavarian cream and layers of delicate puff pastry
Red Velvet Cake
Red sponge cake with traditional white frosting
Mini Double chocolate cake
Base of a rich chocolate cake, layered with milk chocolate and white chocolate mousse
Gluten Free White chocolate mousse cake
Soft gluten free sponge base with fine white chocolate mousse
Lemon cake
Zesty lemon sponge cake with layers of a tangy lemon curd and fluffy meringue
Coffee mousse cake
A moist chocolate sponge base with smoother mousse bursting with coffee flavor
Chocolate Crème Brulee cake
Layers of chocolate sponge cake with piped crème Brulee frosting
Strawberry cake
Fresh strawberry sponge cake with angelic smooth vanilla cream
Mini honey cake
Fluffy cake layers made with real honey and with the chef's specialty cream
Dulce de Leche cake
Absolutely gorgeous honey layered cake with caramel filling
Mini red currant cake/ Vanilla custard cream
Soft vanilla sponge with currant berries layered tart crème topped with sweet cake crumbs and redcurrant berries
Raspberry Vanilla Puff
Baked puff Pastry filled with pleasant vanilla crème topped with fresh raspberrys
Crème brulee
Sinfully rich custard topped with caramalized brown sugar
Soft dough pastry filled with old fashioned crème annd finished off with a coat of indulgent chocolate
Cherry Tart with Egg Whites
Tart filled with Home Made Jam and Egg Whites on the top
Carrot Pecan Cake
Real Carrots gluten free with Pecans
Pistachio tart
Sweet tart with pistachio mix, cream and fruits
Crispy rolled shells filled with sugared sweet crème and decorated with fresh berries