How It Started

Many Czech families had their own secret kolache recipes handed down from generation to generation,
mothers and grandmothers assiduously instructing the young girls. Our chef origins are from the old Prague.

The recipe book of original Czech kolache and cakes, that handed from mothers to daughters was gifted to Olga.
As professional chef Olga has been able to use her experience in creating the great menu.

With overwhelming support from Olga’s family and friends, she opened Kingdom Bakery
bringing the unique Eastern Europe products to Katy and Houston.

This bakery is managed by a certified Pastry Chef! We love to make many different types of products and pastries from other countries. However, our main focus of the bakery are the European Cakes!

What is a kolache?

A kolache is a hot fresh baked pastry, prized for its soft, pillowy dough and its versatility. Kolache fillings range from sweet to savory.
Originating in Central Europe, kolaches became popular in certain parts of America, especially Central and South Texas.

Round breads are some of the earliest of ritual foods, variously symbolizing the sun, moon, and female. In this vein, the Slavonic word for wheel (kolo) gave its name to an ancient Eastern and Central European ritual round savory bread loaf. Then, around the 15th century with the arrival in Eastern Europe of yeast breads enriched with butter, eggs, and sugar (the first light cakes in the region), the name kolo was applied to round sweetened yeast loaves enjoyed for celebrations from the Balkans to the Baltic Sea, including the Polish kolacz (pronounced kowatch), Russian kulich, Ukrainian kolač, Hungarian kalacs, and Yiddish koyletch (an early synonym for egg challah, considered a cake by Sephardic Jews).

The Food

Customers are welcomed to enjoy an array of items prepared from scratch every day. The Kingdom Bakery serves a variety of sweet and savory kolache, sandwiches, soups, cakes, crepes and other delicious freshly baked goods.

The bread in Kingdom Bakery is baked daily fresh. The lunch menu includes delicious sandwiches with fresh vegetables.
The sandwiches include road beef beef, turkey and chicken.

In today’s fast-paced world, Kingdom Bakery is the ideal choice for a nutritious meal that is freshly baked, not fried.

The Atmosphere

Kingdom Bakery provides the atmosphere of a family and student friendly local coffee shop.
We welcome school students and families to have daily fresh goodies, enjoy fun meals and  beverages.